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29.71 How do I apply for a temporary access permit

§ 29.71 How do I apply for a temporary access permit?

You must submit the information requested in FWS Form 3-2469 (Oil and Gas Operations Special Use Permit Application) to the refuge in which you propose to conduct operations. Information includes, but is not limited to:

(a) The name, legal address, and telephone number of the operator, employee, agent, or contractor responsible for overall management of the proposed operations;

(b) Documentation demonstrating that you hold the right to operate on Service-administered lands or waters;

(c) The name, legal address, telephone number, and qualifications of all specialists responsible for conducting the reconnaissance surveys (only required if the assistants/subcontractors/subpermittees will be operating on Service-administered lands or waters without the permittee being present);

(d) A brief description of the intended operation so that we can determine reconnaissance survey needs;

(e) A description of the survey methods you intend to use to identify the natural and cultural resources;

(f) A map (to-scale and determined by us to be acceptable) delineating the proposed reconnaissance survey area in relation to the refuge boundary and the proposed area of operations; and

(g) A description of proposed means of access and routes for conducting the reconnaissance surveys.