Title 50


29.61 What information must I provide to the Service

§ 29.61 What information must I provide to the Service?

You must submit the following information to the Service where your pre-existing operation is occurring by February 13, 2017 or 90 days after a boundary change or establishment of a new refuge:

(a) Documentation demonstrating that you hold the right to operate on Service-administered lands or waters.

(b) The names, phone numbers, and addresses of your:

(1) Primary company representative;

(2) Representative responsible for field supervision; and

(3) Representative responsible for emergency response.

(c) A brief description of your current operations, and any anticipated changes to current operations, including:

(1) A scaled map clearly delineating your existing area of operations;

(2) Documentation of the current operating methods, surface equipment, materials produced or used, and monitoring methods; and

(3) Copies of all plans and permits required by local, State, and Federal agencies, including a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan if required by Environmental Protection Agency regulations at 40 CFR part 112.