Title 50

SECTION 29.160

29.160 Can I modify operations under an approved permit

§ 29.160 Can I modify operations under an approved permit?

The Service may amend an approved temporary access permit or an operations permit to adjust to changed conditions or to address unanticipated conditions, either upon our own action or at your request.

(a) To request a modification to your operation, you must provide, in writing, to the Service, your assigned permit number, a description of the proposed modification, and an explanation of why the modification is needed. We will review your request for modification under the approval standards at §§ 29.72 or 29.103. You may not implement any modification until you have received the Service's written approval.

(b) If the Service needs to amend your temporary access permit or operations permit, you will receive a written notice that:

(1) Describes the modification required and justification;

(2) Specifies the time within which you must notify the Service that you either accept the modifications to your permit or explain any concerns you may have; and

(3) Absent any concerns, specifies the time within which you must incorporate the modification into your operations.