Title 50

SECTION 29.103

29.103 What standards must be met to approve my application

§ 29.103 What standards must be met to approve my application?

(a) In order to approve your operations permit application, the Service must determine that your operations will:

(1) Use technologically feasible, least damaging methods; and

(2) Meet all applicable operating standards.

(b) Before operations begin, you must submit to the Service:

(1) Financial assurance in the amount specified by the Service and in accordance with the requirements of §§ 29.150 through 29.154, Financial Assurance;

(2) Proof of liability insurance with limits sufficient to cover injuries to persons or property caused by your operations; and

(3) A statement under penalty of perjury, signed by an official who is authorized to legally bind the company, stating that proposed operations are in compliance with any applicable Federal law or regulation or any applicable State law or regulation related to non-Federal oil and gas operations and that all information submitted to the Service is true and correct.