Title 5

SECTION 720.205

720.205 Agency plans.

§ 720.205 Agency plans.

(a) Each agency must have an up-to-date equal opportunity recruitment program plan covering recruitment for positions at various organizational levels and geographic locations within the agency. Such plans must be available for review in appropriate offices of the agency and must be submitted to the Office of Personnel Management on request. In accordance with agreement reached between the Office and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, such plans must be incorporated in the agency's equal employment opportunity plans required under section 717 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, pursuant to regulations and instructions of the Commission, provided they are separable parts of those plans for purposes of review by and submission to the Office of Personnel Management. Agency organizational and geographical components which are required to develop and submit Equal Employment Opportunity plans, under instructions issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, must also have up-to-date special recruitment program plans. On a determination by the Office of Personnel Management, in consultation with EEOC, that additional component plans are needed to implement an agency's program effectively, the Office will instruct the agency to develop additional plans. Agencies must comply with such instructions.

(b) Agency plans must include annual specific determinations of underrepresentation for each group and must be accompanied by quantifiable indices by which progress toward eliminating underrepresentation can be measured.

(c) Where an agency or agency component is located in a geographical area where the percentage of underrepresented groups in the area civilian labor force is higher than their percentage in the national labor force, the agency or component must base its plans on the higher level of representation in the relevant civilian labor force.

(d) Where an agency or agency component is located in a geographical area where participation of a particular underrepresented group is significantly lower than its participation in the national labor force, the agency or component may, in consultation with the Office of Personnel Management, use the lower percentage in determining underrepresentation. An agency may not use a figure lower than the relevant regional or nationwide labor force percentage where recruitment on a regional or nationwide basis is feasible for particular categories of employment. Factors such as size of the agency or unit, nature of jobs and their wage or pay scale may be considered in focusing recruitment for various job categories.

(e) In addition to the underrepresentation determinations described in paragraphs (b), (c) and (d) of this section, agency plans must, at a minimum, include:

(1) An assessment of grades or job categories and numbers of jobs in such categories expected to be filled in the current year, and on a longer term basis (based on anticipated turnover, expansion, hiring limits and other relevant factors) identification of those occupational categories and positions suitable for external recruitment, and description of special targeted recruitment programs for such jobs and positions;

(2) A similar assessment for job categories and positions likely to be filled by recruitment from within the agency and/or the Federal civil service system and a description of recruitment programs developed to increase minority and female candidates from internal sources for such positions;

(3) A further assessment of internal availability of candidates from underrepresentated groups for higher job progressions by identifying job-related skills, knowledges and abilities which may be obtained at lower levels in the same or similar occupational series, or through other experience;

(4) A description of methods the agency intends to use to locate and develop minority and female candidates for each category of underrepresentation and an indication of how such methods differ from and expand upon the recruitment activities of the agency prior to establishment of the special recruitment program or the last revision to the agency's plans;

(5) A description of specific, special efforts planned by the agency (or agency component) to recruit in communities, educational institutions, and other likely sources of qualified minority and female candidates;

(6) A description of efforts which will be undertaken by the agency to identify jobs which can be redesigned so as to improve opportunities for minorities and women, including jobs requiring bilingual or bicultural capabilities or not requiring English fluency.

(7) A list of priorities for special recruitment program activities based on agency identification of:

(i) Immediate and longer range job openings for each occupational/grade-level grouping for which underrepresentation has been determined;

(ii) Hiring authorities which may be used to fill such jobs;

(iii) The possible impact of its actions on underrepresentation.

(8) Identification of training and job development programs the agency will use to provide skills, knowledge and abilities to qualify increased numbers of minorities and women for occupational series and grade levels where they are significantly underrepresented.

(9) Identification of problems for which the assistance of the Office of Personnel Management is needed and will be requested.

(f) Equal opportunity recruitment program plans must be consistent with agency Upward Mobility program plans and should be developed with full consideration of the agency's overall recruiting and staffing planning objectives.

(g) All plans required under this subpart must be developed not later than October 1, 1979.

[44 FR 22031, Apr. 13, 1979, as amended at 44 FR 33046, June 8, 1979]