Title 5

SECTION 720.204

720.204 Agency programs.

§ 720.204 Agency programs.

(a) Each Executive agency having positions in the pay systems covered by this program must conduct a continuing program for the recruitment of minorities and women for positions in the agency and its components to carry out the policy of the United States to insure equal employment opportunities without discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. The head of each agency must specifically assign responsibility for program implementation to an appropriate agency official. All agency officials who have responsibility for the program will be evaluated on their effectiveness in carrying it out as part of their periodic performance appraisals.

(b) Programs established under this subpart must be designed to cover recruitment for all positions in pay plans covered by this program including part-time and temporary positions.

(c) Where an agency or the Office of Personnel Management has determined that an applicant pool does not adequately provide for consideration of candidates from any underrepresented group, the agency or agency component must take one or more of the following actions:

(1) Expand or otherwise redirect their recruitment activities in ways designed to increase the number of candidates from underrepresented groups in that applicant pool;

(2) Use selection methods involving other applicant pools which include sufficient numbers of members of underrepresented groups;

(3) Notify the office responsible for administering that applicant pool, and request its reopening of application receipt in support of expanded recruitment activities or certifying from equivalent registers existing in other geographic areas; and/or

(4) Take such other action consistent with law which will contribute to the elimination of underrepresentation in the category of employment involved.

(d) Agencies must notify and seek advice and assistance from the Office of Personnel Management in cases where their equal opportunity recruitment programs are not making measurable progress in eliminating identified underrepresentation in the agency work force.