Title 5

SECTION 591.307

591.307 Payment of allowance rate.

§ 591.307 Payment of allowance rate.

(a) An authorized allowance rate is earned on a daily basis; however, where appropriate for administrative convenience, the rate may be averaged taking into consideration the number of noncommuting days over a period of time, and paid for each workday, excluding days in a nonpay status and period of extended absence.

(b) The transportation allowance is paid only when expense is incurred and at the lowest rate consistent with available transportation.

(c) The inconvenience or hardship allowance is paid regardless of eligibility for the transportation expense part of the allowance rate when the employee is otherwise eligible.

(d) Except as provided under § 591.305(b)(4)(ii), when the necessity for remaining at the post of duty for the workweek is the basis for the allowance under § 591.304(a)(2), the allowance rate is paid for each full day, or prorated for each part of a day, that the employee remains at the duty post.

(e) The transportation allowance prescribed by paragraph (b)(1)(i) of § 591.305, or other allowance as may be prescribed for commuting by private motor vehicle, may not be paid unless the officially approved work schedule of the employee precludes use of the transportation services that may be available at lower cost.

(f) An employee, who normally commutes on a daily basis, will not be disqualified from receiving an authorized allowance when he or she is officially required to remain overnight at the remote duty post, for one or more days on a temporary basis, because of the schedule of operations or the nature of assigned work.

(g) When a remote duty post is determined by the Office of Personnel Management under paragraph (a)(3) or (c) of § 591.304 as being basically eligible for an allowance, the Office of Personnel Management will determine the basis for payment of the allowance rate taking into consideration the facts and circumstances associated with commuting to the remote duty post.