Title 5

SECTION 591.305

591.305 Allowance rates.

§ 591.305 Allowance rates.

(a) General. An allowance rate may not exceed $10 a day. An allowance rate shall be established for each post of duty determined to be remote under § 591.304, and shall be terminated or adjusted as warranted. In determining the amount of the allowance rate, the following shall be considered:

(1) Transportation expenses incurred in commuting to the remote post of duty as compared to transportation expenses (including cost of public transportation service) representative of those incurred in metropolitan areas within the United States or overseas as appropriate as periodically determined by the Office of Personnel Management.

(2) Expenses incurred for lodging, meals, other services, and miscellaneous expenses when it is not feasible for an employee to commute daily as at duty posts determined under § 591.304(a)(2).

(3) Inconvenience or hardship associated with commuting to the remote duty post taking into account such factors as travel time, road conditions and terrain, type and quality of vehicle, and climate conditions, and conditions that exist at those duty posts determined by the Office of Personnel Management to meet the criteria in § 591.304(a)(2).

(4) Operational or workload demands, weather conditions, or other situations which require an employee to report to or remain at this post of duty substantially beyond his or her normal arrival or departure time with respect to those duty posts meeting the criteria in § 591.304(a)(2).

(b) Authorized allowance rates. Each authorized allowance rate for each duty post may consist of up to three parts, separately stated as appropriate, and the authorized allowance rate shall be paid as provided in § 591.306, but no employee may be paid more than $10 a day. The parts which make up the authorized allowance rate are:

(1) Transportation allowance - (i) Commuting by private motor vehicle. A transportation allowance schedule showing the daily transportation expense rate to be paid under the distances and conditions described, when commuting by private motor vehicle is set out as appendix A to this subpart and is incorporated in and made part of this section.

(ii) Travel by commercial or Government-provided transportation. The transportation allowance shall be limited to the cost of the service less normal cost for public transportation service in metropolitan areas.

(2) Inconvenience or hardship allowance. An allowance rate to compensate for hardship or inconvenience may not be considered unless the travel time normally exceeds one hour one way between the closest established community or suitable place or residence and the remote duty post. An allowance schedule covering land travel by motor vehicle, showing the daily rates to be paid under the time factors and conditions described, for inconvenience or hardship combined, is set out as appendix B to this subpart and is incorporated in and made part of this section.

(3) Other commuting situations. Notwithstanding paragraphs (b)(1) and (b)(2) of this section, when commuting is by boat, aircraft or an unusual conveyance, or under extraordinary conditions by motor vehicle, or involving factors or conditions unique to the duty post, the Office of Personnel Management shall establish the allowance based on the facts and circumstances of that individual remote duty post.

(4) Miscellaneous. When daily commuting is impractical as determined under § 591.304(a)(2):

(i) The Office of Personnel Management may authorize a miscellaneous allowance, the amount to depend on such factors as miscellaneous expenses, living conditions that exist at the duty post, or inconvenience or hardship that may be associated with this type of employment environment. When employees are required to pay a fee for lodging, meals, or other services at the remote duty post, the miscellaneous allowance shall at least equal the amount charged for the use of facilities and services.

(ii) On those days when operational or workload demands, weather conditions, or other situations result in employees reporting to or remaining at the remote duty post substantially beyond normal arrival or departure time, the maximum daily allowance rate of $10 shall be paid.