Title 5

SECTION 591.205

591.205 Which areas are nonforeign areas

§ 591.205 Which areas are nonforeign areas?

(a) The nonforeign areas are States, commonwealths, territories, and possessions of the United States outside the 48 contiguous United States and any additional areas the Secretary of State designates as being within the scope of Part II of Executive Order 10000, as amended.

(b) The following areas are nonforeign areas:

(1) State of Alaska;

(2) State of Hawaii;

(3) American Samoa (including the island of Tutuila, the Manua Islands, and all other islands of the Samoa group east of longitude 171 degrees west of Greenwich, together with Swains Island);

(4) Commonwealth of Puerto Rico;

(5) Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands;

(6) Howland, Baker, and Jarvis Islands;

(7) Johnston Atoll;

(8) Kingman Reef;

(9) Midway Atoll;

(10) Navassaa Island;

(11) Palmyra Atoll;

(12) Territory of Guam;

(13) United States Virgin Islands;

(14) Wake Atoll;

(15) Any small guano islands, rocks, or keys that, in pursuance of action taken under the Act of Congress, August 18, 1856, are considered as pertaining to the United States; and

(16) Any other islands outside of the contiguous 48 states to which the U.S. Government reserves claim.