Title 5

SECTION 582.302

582.302 Notification of employee-obligor.

§ 582.302 Notification of employee-obligor.

(a) As soon as possible, but not later than 15 calendar days after the date of valid service of legal process, the agent designated to accept legal process shall send to the employee-obligor, at his or her duty station or last known home address, written notice that such process has been served, including a copy of the legal process;

(b) The agency may provide the employee-obligor with the following additional information:

(1) Copies of any other documents submitted in support of or in addition to the legal process;

(2) Notice that the United States does not represent the interests of the employee-obligor in the pending legal proceedings; and

(3) Advice that the employee-obligor may wish to consult legal counsel regarding defenses to the legal process that he or she may wish to assert.