Title 5

SECTION 582.203

582.203 Information minimally required to accompany legal process.

§ 582.203 Information minimally required to accompany legal process.

(a) Sufficient identifying information must accompany the legal process in order to enable processing by the agency. Parties seeking garnishment actions, therefore, should provide as many of the following identifying pieces of information concerning the employee-obligor as possible:

(1) Full name;

(2) Date of birth;

(3) Employment number or social security number;

(4) Component of the agency for which the employee-obligor works;

(5) Official duty station or worksite; and

(6) Home address or current mailing address.

(b) If the information submitted is not sufficient to identify the employee-obligor, the legal process shall be returned directly to the court, or other authority, with an explanation of the deficiency. However, prior to returning the legal process, if there is sufficient time prior to the time limits imposed in § 582.303, an attempt should be made to inform the person who caused the legal process to be served, or the person's representative, that it will not be honored unless adequate identifying information is supplied.