Title 5

SECTION 5301.101

5301.101 General.

§ 5301.101 General.

(a) Purpose. In accordance with 5 CFR 2635.105, the regulations in this part apply to employees of the National Science Foundation (NSF), including Members of the National Science Board. They supplement the Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch contained in 5 CFR part 2635.

(b) Definitions. For purposes of this part, unless a provision plainly indicates otherwise:

(1) Award means any grant, contract, cooperative agreement, loan, or other arrangement made by the Government.

(2) Employee has the meaning set forth in 5 CFR 2635.102(h), except that, for purposes of this part, it shall not include a special Government employee.

(3) Institution means any university, college, business firm, research institute, professional society, or other organization. It includes all parts of a university or college, including all institutions in a multi-institution State or city system. It includes any university consortium or joint corporation, but not the individual universities that belong to such a consortium. Those universities shall be considered separate institutions for purposes of this part.

(4) Proposal means an application for an award and includes a bid.