Title 5

SECTION 410.502

410.502 Authority of the head of an agency.

§ 410.502 Authority of the head of an agency.

(a) In writing, the head of an agency may authorize an agency employee to accept a contribution or award (in cash or in kind) incident to training or to accept payment (in cash or in kind) of travel, subsistence, and other expenses incident to attendance at meetings if

(1) The conditions specified in section 4111 of title 5, United States Code, are met; and

(2) In the judgment of the agency head, the following two conditions are met:

(i) The contribution, award, or payment is not a reward for services to the organization prior to the training or meeting; and

(ii) Acceptance of the contribution, award, or payment:

(A) Would not reflect unfavorably on the employee's ability to carry out official duties in a fair and objective manner;

(B) Would not compromise the honesty and integrity of Government programs or of Government employees and their official actions or decisions;

(C) Would be compatible with the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, as amended; and

(D) Would otherwise be proper and ethical for the employee concerned given the circumstances of the particular case.

(b) Delegation of authority. An agency head may delegate authority to authorize the acceptance of contributions, awards, and payments under this section. The designated official must ensure that -

(1) The policies of the agency head are reflected in each decision; and

(2) The circumstances of each case are fully evaluated under conditions set forth in § 410.502(a).

(c) Acceptance of contributions, awards, and payments. An employee may accept a contribution, award, or payment (whether made in cash or in kind) that falls within the scope of this section only when he or she has specific written authorization.

(d) When more than one non-Government organization participates in making a single contribution, award, or payment, the “organization” referred to in this subsection is the one that:

(1) Selects the recipient; and

(2) Administers the funds from which the contribution, award, or payment is made.