Title 5

SECTION 410.309

410.309 Agreements to continue in service.

§ 410.309 Agreements to continue in service.

(a) Authority. Continued service agreements are provided for in section 4108 of title 5, United States Code. Agencies have the authority to determine when such agreements will be required.

(b) Requirements. (1) The head of the agency shall establish written procedures which include the minimum requirements for continued service agreements. These requirements shall include procedures the agency considers necessary to protect the Government's interest should the employee fail to successfully complete training.

(2) An employee selected for training subject to an agency continued service agreement must sign an agreement to continue in service after training prior to starting the training. The period of service will equal at least three times the length of the training.

(3) The head of an agency shall establish procedures to compute length of training period for academic degree training programs in accordance with § 410.310(d).

(c) Failure to fulfill agreements. With a signed agreement, the agency has a right to recover training costs, except pay or other compensation, if the employee voluntarily separates from Government service. The agency shall provide procedures to enable the employee to obtain a reconsideration of the recovery amount or to appeal for a waiver of the agency's right to recover.

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