Title 5

SECTION 359.605

359.605 Notice requirements.

§ 359.605 Notice requirements.

(a) Each career appointee subject to removal under § 359.604(b) is entitled to a specific, written notice at least 45 calendar days before the effective date of the removal. The notice shall state, as a minimum -

(1) The action to be taken and its prospective effective date;

(2) The nature of the competition, including the appointee's competitive area, if less than the agency, and standing on the retention register;

(3) The place where the appointee may inspect the regulations and records pertinent to the action;

(4) Placement rights within the agency and through OPM, including how the employee can apply for OPM placement assistance; and

(5) The appointee's appeal rights, including the time limit for appeal and the location of the Merit Systems Protection Board office to which an appeal should be sent.

(b) A career appointee who has received a notice under paragraph (a) of this section is entitled to a second notice in writing at least 1 day before removal from the SES. The notice shall state, as a minimum -

(1) The basis for the removal, i.e., 5 U.S.C. 3595(b)(5) if the basis is expiration of the 45-day OPM placement period, or 5 U.S.C. 3595(b)(4) if the basis is declination of a reasonable offer of placement, in which case identify the position offered and the date on which it was declined;

(2) The effective date of the removal;

(3) Placement rights outside the SES and, when applicable, the appointee's eligibility for discontinued service retirement in lieu of placement; and

(4) Reminder of the appointee's appeal rights.

[60 FR 6389, Feb. 2, 1995]