Title 5

SECTION 359.602

359.602 Agency reductions in force.

§ 359.602 Agency reductions in force.

(a) Competitive procedures. (1) This paragraph applies to all SES career appointees in the agency, including appointees serving a probationary period.

(2) An agency shall establish competitive procedures in writing to determine who will be removed from the SES in any reduction in force of career appointees within the agency. Such competitive procedures shall be based primarily on performance. When performance ratings are used, they shall be the final ratings under 5 CFR part 430, subpart C.

(3) An appointee who has completed the probationary period must be retained over an appointee who has not completed the probationary period if they both have the same retention standing.

(4) Competitive procedures are not required if an agency is being abolished, without a transfer of functions, and all SES appointees will be separated at the same time or within 3 months of abolishment.

(b) Placement within the agency. (1) This paragraph applies to any SES career appointee who has completed the probationary period, or was not required to serve a probationary period, and who has been identified for reduction in force under paragraph (a) of this section.

(2) The appointee is entitled to be offered any vacant SES position in the agency for which the appointee meets the qualifications requirements. If there is more than one vacancy, the agency has the option of which position to offer the appointee.

(3) An appointee covered by this paragraph is entitled to be placed in a vacant SES position over an appointee who is still serving a probationary period.

[54 FR 18876, May 3, 1989, as amended at 60 FR 6388, Feb. 2, 1995]