Title 5

SECTION 2606.202

2606.202 OGE or other agency action on requests.

§ 2606.202 OGE or other agency action on requests.

A response to a request for access should include the following:

(a) A statement that there is a record or records as requested or a statement that there is not a record in the system of records;

(b) The method of access (if a copy of all the records requested is not provided with the response);

(c) The amount of any fees to be charged for copies of records under § 2606.206 of this part or other agencies' Privacy Act regulations as referenced in that section;

(d) The name, title, and telephone number of the official having operational control over the record; and

(e) If the request is denied in whole or in part, or no record is found in the system, a statement of the reasons for the denial, or a statement that no record has been found, and notice of the procedures for appealing the denial or no record finding.