Title 5

SECTION 2606.103

2606.103 Systems of records.

§ 2606.103 Systems of records.

(a) Governmentwide systems of records. The Office of Government Ethics maintains two executive branch Governmentwide systems of records: the OGE/GOVT-1 system of records, comprised of Executive Branch Personnel Public Financial Disclosure Reports and Other Name-Retrieved Ethics Program Records; and the OGE/GOVT-2 system of records, comprised of Executive Branch Confidential Financial Disclosure Reports. These Governmentwide systems of records are maintained by OGE, and through Office delegations of authority, by Federal executive branch departments and agencies with regard to their own employees, applicants for employment, individuals nominated to a position requiring Senate confirmation, candidates for a position, and former employees.

(b) OGE Internal systems of records. The Office of Government Ethics internal systems of records are under OGE's physical custody and control and are established and maintained by the Office on current and former OGE employees regarding matters relating to the internal management of the Office. These systems of records consist of the OGE/INTERNAL-1 system, comprised of Pay, Leave and Travel Records; the OGE/INTERNAL-2 system, comprised of Telephone Call Detail Records; the OGE/INTERNAL-3 system, comprised of Grievance Records; the OGE/INTERNAL-4 system, comprised of Computer Systems Activity and Access Records; and the OGE/INTERNAL-5 system, comprised of Employee Locator and Emergency Notification Records.