Title 5

SECTION 2604.303

2604.303 Form and content of responses.

§ 2604.303 Form and content of responses.

(a) Form of notice granting a request. After the FOIA Officer has made a determination to grant a request in whole or in part, the requester will be notified in writing. The notice will describe the manner in which the record will be disclosed, whether by providing a copy of the record with the response or at a later date, or by making a copy of the record available to the requester for inspection at a reasonable time and place. The procedure for such an inspection may not unreasonably disrupt OGE operations. The response letter will inform the requester of the right of the requester to seek assistance from the FOIA Public Liaison. The response letter will also inform the requester in the response of any fees to be charged in accordance with the provisions of subpart E of this part.

(b) Form of notice denying a request. When the FOIA Officer denies a request in whole or in part, the FOIA Officer will so notify the requester in writing. The response will be signed by the FOIA Officer and will include:

(1) The name and title or position of the person making the denial;

(2) A brief statement of the reason or reasons for the denial, including the FOIA exemption or exemptions which the FOIA Officer has relied upon in denying the request;

(3) When only a portion of a document is being withheld, the amount of information deleted and the FOIA exemption(s) justifying the deletion will generally be indicated on the copy of the released portion of the document. If technically feasible, such indications will appear at the place in the copy of the document where any deletion is made. If a document is withheld in its entirety, an estimate of the volume of the withheld material will generally be given. However, neither an indication of the amount of information deleted nor an estimation of the volume of material withheld will be included in a response if doing so would harm an interest protected by any of the FOIA exemptions pursuant to which the deletion or withholding is made; and

(4) A statement that the denial may be appealed under § 2604.304, and a description of the requirements of that section; and

(5) A statement of the right of the requester to seek dispute resolution services from the FOIA Public Liaison or the Office of Government Information Services (OGIS).

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