Title 5

SECTION 2472.8

2472.8 Preliminary hearing procedures.

§ 2472.8 Preliminary hearing procedures.

When the Panel determines that a hearing shall be held, and it appoints one or more of its designees to conduct such a hearing, it will issue and serve upon each of the parties a notice of hearing and a notice of prehearing conference, if any. The notice will state:

(a) The names of the parties to the dispute;

(b) The date, time, place, type, and purpose of the hearing;

(c) The date, time, place, and purpose of the prehearing conference, if any;

(d) The name of the designated representative(s) appointed by the Panel;

(e) The issue(s) to be resolved; and

(f) The method, if any, by which the hearing shall be transcribed.

[61 FR 41296, Aug. 8, 1996]