Title 5

SECTION 2472.4

2472.4 Content of request.

§ 2472.4 Content of request.

(a) A request from a party or parties to the Panel for consideration of an impasse arising from an agency determination not to establish or to terminate a flexible or compressed work schedule under section 6131 (c)(2) or (c)(3) of the Act must be in writing and shall include the following information:

(1) Identification of the parties and individuals authorized to act on their behalf, including their addresses, telephone numbers, and facsimile numbers;

(2) Description of the bargaining unit involved in the dispute and the date recognition was accorded to the exclusive representative;

(3) Number, length, and dates of negotiation sessions held;

(4) A copy of any collective bargaining agreement between the parties and any other agreements concerning flexible and compressed work schedules;

(5) A copy of the schedule or proposed schedule, if any, which is the subject of the agency's determination;

(6) A copy of the agency's written determination and the finding on which the determination is based, including, in a case where the finding is made by a duly authorized delegatee, evidence of a specific delegation of authority to make such a finding; and

(7) A summary of the position of the initiating party or parties with respect to the agency's determination.

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