Title 5

SECTION 2417.205

2417.205 Consideration of requests or demands.

§ 2417.205 Consideration of requests or demands.

(a) After receiving service of a request or a demand for official records, information, or testimony, the appropriate decision-maker will review the request and, in accordance with the provisions of this part, determine whether, or under what conditions, to authorize the employee to testify on matters relating to official information and/or produce official records and information.

(b) Absent exigent circumstances, the appropriate decision-maker will issue a determination within 30 days from the date that it receives the request.

(c) The appropriate decision-maker may grant a waiver of any procedure described by this part where a waiver is considered necessary to promote a significant interest of the FLRA or the United States or for other good cause.

(d) The FLRA may certify that records are true copies in order to facilitate their use as evidence. If a requester seeks certification, the requester must request certified copies from the Office of the Solicitor at least 30 days before the date that they will be needed.

[81 FR 63363, Sept. 15, 2016]