Title 5

SECTION 2417.204

2417.204 Where to submit a request or demand.

§ 2417.204 Where to submit a request or demand.

(a) Requests or demands for official records, information, or testimony under this part must be served on the Office of the Solicitor at the following address: Office of the Solicitor, Federal Labor Relations Authority, 1400 K Street NW., Suite 201, Washington, DC 20424-0001; telephone: (202) 218-7999; fax: (202) 343-1007; or email: [email protected] The request or demand must be sent by mail, fax, or email and clearly marked “Part 2417 Request for Testimony or Official Records in Legal Proceedings.”

(b) A person requesting public FLRA information and non-public FLRA information under this part may submit a combined request for both to the Office of the Solicitor. If a requester decides to submit a combined request under this section, the FLRA will process the combined request under this part and not under part 2411 (the FLRA's Freedom of Information Act regulations).

[81 FR 63363, Sept. 15, 2016]