Title 5

SECTION 179.211

179.211 Notice of salary offset.

§ 179.211 Notice of salary offset.

(a) Upon receipt of proper certification from a creditor agency, the OPM payroll office will send the OPM employee, identified in the certification as the debtor, a written notice of salary offset. Such notice shall, at a minimum:

(1) State that OPM has received a properly certified debt claim from a creditor agency;

(2) Contain a copy of the certification received from the creditor agency;

(3) Advise the employee that salary offset will be initiated at the next officially established pay interval; and

(4) State the amount of the claim and amount of deductions.

(b) The payroll office shall provide a copy of the notice to the creditor agency and advise such agency of the dollar amount to be offset and the pay period when the offset will begin.