Title 5

SECTION 1650.31

1650.31 Age-based withdrawals.

§ 1650.31 Age-based withdrawals.

(a) A participant who has reached age 59 1/2 and who has not separated from Government service is eligible to withdraw all or a portion of his or her vested TSP account balance in a single payment. Unless the withdrawal request is for the entire vested account balance, the entire vested traditional balance, or the entire vested Roth balance, the amount of an age-based withdrawal request must be at least $1,000.

(b) An age-based withdrawal is an eligible rollover distribution, so a participant may request that the TSP transfer all or a portion of the withdrawal to a traditional IRA, an eligible employer plan, or a Roth IRA in accordance with § 1650.25.

(c) A participant is permitted four age-based withdrawals per calendar year for an account. Only one age-based withdrawal election per account will be processed in any 30-calendar-day-period.

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