Title 5

SECTION 1640.4

1640.4 Account transactions.

§ 1640.4 Account transactions.

(a) Where relevant, the following transactions will be reported in each individual account statement:

(1) Contributions;

(2) Withdrawals;

(3) Forfeitures;

(4) Loan disbursements and repayments;

(5) Transfers among TSP Funds;

(6) Adjustments to prior transactions;

(7) Transfers or rollovers from traditional individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and eligible employer plans; and

(8) Any other transaction that the Executive Director determines will affect the status of the individual account.

(b) Where relevant, the statement will contain the following information concerning each transaction identified in paragraph (a) of this section:

(1) Type of transaction;

(2) TSP Funds affected;

(3) Date the transaction was posted and, where relevant, any earlier dates on which the transaction should have been posted or from which the calculation of the amount of the transaction was derived;

(4) Source of the contributions affected by the transaction;

(5) Amount of the transaction (in dollars and in shares);

(6) The share price(s) at which the transaction was posted; and

(7) Any other information the Executive Director deems relevant.

[68 FR 35501, June 13, 2003, as amended at 70 FR 32214, June 1, 2005]