Title 5

SECTION 1640.3

1640.3 Statement of individual account.

§ 1640.3 Statement of individual account.

In the quarterly statements, the Board will furnish each participant with the following information concerning the participant's individual account:

(a) Name, account number, and date of birth under which the account is established;

(b) Retirement system coverage and employment status of the participant, as provided by the employing agency;

(c) Statement whether the participant has a beneficiary designation on file with the TSP record keeper;

(d) Contribution allocation that is current at the end of the statement period;

(e) Beginning and ending dates of the period covered by the statement;

(f) The following information for and, as of the close of business on the ending date of, the period covered by the statement:

(1) The total account balance and tax-exempt balance, if applicable;

(2) The account balance and activity for each source of contributions;

(3) The account balance and activity in each TSP Fund, including the dollar amount of the transaction, the share price, and the number of shares; and

(4) Loan information and activity, if applicable;

(g) Any other information concerning the account that the Board determines should be included in the statement.

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