Title 5

SECTION 1630.7

1630.7 Identification requirements.

§ 1630.7 Identification requirements.

(a) In person. An individual should be prepared to identify himself or herself by signature, i.e., to note by signature the date of access, Social Security number, and to produce one photographic form of identification (driver's license, employee identification, annuitant card, passport, etc.). If an individual is unable to produce adequate identification, the individual must sign a statement asserting his or her identity and acknowledging that knowingly or willfully seeking or obtaining access to records about another person under false pretenses may result in a fine of up to $5,000 (see § 1630.18). In addition, depending upon the sensitivity of the records, the Privacy Act Officer or record keeper designee after consulting with the appropriate system manager may require further reasonable assurances, such as statements of other individuals who can attest to the identity of the requester.

(b) In writing. A participant shall provide his or her name, date of birth, and account number or Social Security number and shall sign the request. Most other individuals shall provide the participant's account number or Social Security number, shall provide a statement of relationship to the participant unless it is clearly identified in the nature of the correspondence, and shall sign the request. If a request for access is granted by mail and, in the opinion of the Privacy Act Officer or record keeper designee after consulting with the appropriate system manager, the disclosure of the records through the mail may result in harm or embarrassment (if a person other than the subject individual were to receive the records), a notarized statement of identity or some other similar assurance of identity will be required.

(c) By telephone. (1) Telephone identification procedures apply only to requests from participants and spouses, former spouses, or beneficiaries of participants for information in FRTIB-1, Thrift Savings Plan Records, which is retrieved by their respective account numbers (or case reference numbers) or Social Security numbers.

(2) A participant or a spouse, former spouse, or beneficiary of a participant must identify himself or herself by providing to the record keeper designee his or her name, account number (or case reference number) or Social Security number, and any other information requested. If the record keeper designee determines that any of the information provided by telephone is incorrect, the requester will be required to submit a request in writing.

(3) A participant may also access the TSP website or call the TSP ThriftLine to obtain account information. These systems may require identity and account verification information and may require the participant to verify his or her identity by providing identifying particulars.

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