Title 5

SECTION 1630.6

1630.6 Action on request.

§ 1630.6 Action on request.

(a) For TSP records, the record keeper designee, and for non-TSP records, the Privacy Act Officer will answer or acknowledge the inquiry within 10 work days of the date it is received. When the answer cannot be made within 10 work days, the record keeper or Privacy Act Officer will provide the requester with the date when a response may be expected and, whenever possible, the specific reasons for the delay.

(b) At a minimum, the acknowledgement to a request for access shall include:

(1) When and where the records will be available;

(2) Name, title and telephone number of the official who will make the records available;

(3) Whether access will be granted only by providing a copy of the record through the mail, or only by examination of the record in person if the Privacy Act Officer after consulting with the appropriate system manager has determined the requester's access would not be unduly impeded;

(4) Fee, if any, charged for copies (See § 1630.16); and

(5) If necessary, documentation required to verify the identity of the requester (See § 1630.7).

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