Title 5

SECTION 1630.10

1630.10 Denials of access.

§ 1630.10 Denials of access.

(a) The Privacy Act Officer or the record keeper designee for records covered by system FRTIB-1, may deny an individual access to his or her record if:

(1) In the opinion of the Privacy Act Officer or the record keeper designee, the individual seeking access has not provided proper identification to permit access; or

(2) The Board has published rules in the Federal Register exempting the pertinent system of records from the access requirement.

(b) If access is denied, the requester shall be informed of the reasons for denial and the procedures for obtaining a review of the denial.

[55 FR 18852, May 7, 1990, as amended at 64 FR 67695, Dec. 3, 1999]