Title 5

SECTION 1601.22

1601.22 Methods of requesting an interfund transfer.

§ 1601.22 Methods of requesting an interfund transfer.

(a) Participants may make an interfund transfer using the TSP Web site or the ThriftLine, or by completing and filing the appropriate paper TSP form with the TSP record keeper in accordance with the form's instructions. The following rules apply to an interfund transfer request:

(1) Interfund transfer requests must be made in whole percentages (one percent increments). The sum of the percentages elected for all of the TSP Funds must equal 100 percent.

(2) The percentages elected by the participant will be applied to the balances in each source of contributions and to both tax-deferred and tax-exempt balances on the effective date of the interfund transfer.

(b) An interfund transfer request has no effect on deposits made after the effective date of the interfund transfer request; subsequent deposits will continue to be allocated among the investment funds in accordance with the participant's contribution allocation made under subpart B of this part.

(c) If an interfund transfer is found to be invalid pursuant to § 1601.34, the purported transfer will not be made. The TSP will provide the participant with a written statement of the reason the transaction was rejected.

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