Title 5

SECTION 1302.4

1302.4 Requests to amend records.

§ 1302.4 Requests to amend records.

(a) Requirement for written requests. Individuals desiring to amend a record that pertain to them in a system of records maintained by OMB, must submit their request in writing in accordance with the procedures set forth herein unless this requirement is waived by the official having responsibility for the system of records. Records not subject to the Privacy Act of 1974 will not be amended in accordance with these provisions. However, individuals who believe that such records are inaccurate may bring this to the attention of OMB.

(b) Procedures. (1) (i) The request to amend a record in a system of records shall be addressed to the Assistant to the Director for Administration. Included in the request shall be the name of the system and a brief description of the record proposed for amendment. In the event the request to amend the record is the result of the individual's having gained access to the record in accordance with the provisions concerning access to records as set forth above, copies of previous correspondence between the requester and OMB will serve in lieu of a separate description of the record.

(ii) When the individual's identity has been previously verified pursuant to § 1302.2(b)(2)(vi) herein, further verification of identity is not required as long as the communication does not suggest that a need for verification is present. If the individual's identity has not been previously verified, OMB may require identification validation as described in § 1302.2(b)(2)(vi). Individuals desiring assistance in the preparation of a request to amend a record should contact the Assistant to the Director for Administration at the address cited above.

(iii) The exact portion of the record the individual seeks to have amended should be clearly indicated. If possible, the proposed alternative language should also be set forth, or at a minimum, the facts which the individual believes are not accurate, relevant, timely, or complete should be set forth with such particularity as to permit OMB not only to understand the individual's basis for the request, but also to make an appropriate amendment to the record.

(iv) The request must also set forth the reasons why the individual believes his record is not accurate, relevant, timely, or complete. In order to avoid the retention by OMB of personal information merely to permit verification of records, the burden of persuading OMB to amend a record will be upon the individual. The individual must furnish sufficient facts to persuade the official in charge of the system of the inaccuracy, irrelevancy, timeliness, or incompleteness of the record.

(v) Incomplete or inaccurate requests will not be rejected categorically. The individual will be asked to clarify the request as needed.

(2) OMB action on the request. To the extent possible, a decision upon a request to amend a record will be made within 10 days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and legal Federal holidays. The response reflecting the decision upon a request for amendment will include the following:

(i) The decision of the Office of Management and Budget whether to grant in whole, or deny any part of the request to amend the record.

(ii) The reasons for the determination for any portion of the request which is denied.

(iii) The name and address of the official with whom an appeal of the denial may be lodged.

(iv) The name and address of the official designated to assist, as necessary, and upon request of, the individual making the request in the preparation of the appeal.

(v) A description of the review of the appeal within OMB (see § 1302.5 of this part).

(vi) A description of any other procedures which may be required of the individual in order to process the appeal.

If the nature of the request or the system of records precludes a decision within 10 days, the individual making the request will be informed within 10 days of the expected date for a decision. Such a decision will be issued as soon as it is reasonably possible, normally within 30 days from the receipt of the request (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and legal Federal holidays) unless unusual circumstances preclude completing action within that time. If the expected completion date for the decision indicated cannot be met, the individual will be advised of that delay and of a revised date when the decision may be expected to be completed.