Title 49 Part 1580 → Subpart A → §1580.5

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Title 49 Part 1580 → Subpart A → §1580.5

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Title 49: Transportation
Subpart A—General

§1580.5   Inspection authority.

(a) This section applies to the following:

(1) Each freight railroad carrier that operates rolling equipment on track that is part of the general railroad system of transportation.

(2) Each rail hazardous materials shipper.

(3) Each rail hazardous materials receiver located within an HTUA.

(4) Each passenger railroad carrier, including each carrier operating light rail or heavy rail transit service on track that is part of the general railroad system of transportation, each carrier operating or providing intercity passenger train service or commuter or other short-haul railroad passenger service in a metropolitan or suburban area (as described by 49 U.S.C. 20102), and each public authority operating passenger train service.

(5) Each passenger or freight railroad carrier hosting an operation described in paragraph (a)(4) of this section.

(6) Each tourist, scenic, historic, and excursion rail operator, whether operating on or off the general railroad system of transportation.

(7) Each operator of private cars, including business/office cars and circus trains, on or connected to the general railroad system of transportation.

(8) Each operator of a rail transit system that is not operating on track that is part of the general railroad system of transportation, including heavy rail transit, light rail transit, automated guideway, cable car, inclined plane, funicular, and monorail systems.

(b) The persons described in paragraph (a) of this section must allow TSA and other authorized DHS officials, at any time and in a reasonable manner, without advance notice, to enter, inspect, and test property, facilities, equipment, and operations; and to view, inspect, and copy records, as necessary to carry out TSA's security-related statutory or regulatory authorities, including its authority to—

(1) Assess threats to transportation;

(2) Enforce security-related regulations, directives, and requirements;

(3) Inspect, maintain, and test the security of facilities, equipment, and systems;

(4) Ensure the adequacy of security measures for the transportation of passengers and freight, including hazardous materials;

(5) Oversee the implementation, and ensure the adequacy, of security measures at rail yards, stations, terminals, transportation-related areas of rail hazardous materials shipper and receiver facilities, crew management centers, dispatch centers, telecommunication centers, and other transportation facilities and infrastructure;

(6) Review security plans; and

(7) Carry out such other duties, and exercise such other powers, relating to transportation security, as the Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for the TSA considers appropriate, to the extent authorized by law.

(c) TSA and DHS officials working with TSA, may enter, without advance notice, and be present within any area or within any conveyance without access media or identification media issued or approved by a railroad carrier, rail transit system owner or operator, rail hazardous materials shipper, or rail hazardous materials receiver in order to inspect or test compliance, or perform other such duties as TSA may direct.

(d) TSA inspectors and DHS officials working with TSA will, on request, present their credentials for examination, but the credentials may not be photocopied or otherwise reproduced.