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Title 49 Part 1280 → §1280.5

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Title 49Subtitle BChapter XSubchapter CPart 1280 → §1280.5

Title 49: Transportation

§1280.5   Safeguarding of classified material.

(a) Reproduction of classified material shall take place only when absolutely necessary, and in accordance with section 2001.46 of the Directive. Should copies be made, they are subject to the same controls as the original document. Records showing the number and distribution of copies shall be maintained by the Emergency Coordinator and the log stored with the original documents.

(b) Any suspected or actual unauthorized disclosures of classified information shall be reported to the Emergency Coordinator or Alternate. An immediate investigation will be undertaken by the Emergency Coordinator or Alternate to establish all facts surrounding the disclosure. The Emergency Coordinator or Alternate shall ascertain the nature of the information disclosed and the extent to which it has been disseminated and will maintain records of disclosures as evaluated and investigated.

(c) Any suspected or actual unauthorized disclosure of classified information will be reported as soon as possible to the Department of Justice and the Information Security Oversight Office.

(d) Any unauthorized disclosure of classified information or any failure to cooperate with the investigation of unauthorized disclosures by an employee shall be cause for appropriate disciplinary or other remedial action as provided in the Board's Canons of Conduct, 49 CFR 1000.735-31.

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