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Title 49 Part 1248 → Subpart B → §1248.101

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Title 49: Transportation
Subpart B—Commodity Code

§1248.101   Commodity codes required.

Commodity codes required to be reported, as referred to in this part, are as follows:

01Farm Products.
011   Field Crops.
0112      Cotton, raw.
01121         Cotton in bales.
01131         Barley.
01132         Corn, except popcorn.
01133         Oats.
01134         Rice, rough.
01135         Rye.
01136         Sorghum grains.
01137         Wheat, except buckwheat.
01139         Grain, n.e.c.
0114      Oil seeds, oil nuts, and oil kernels, except edible tree nuts.
01144         Soybeans.
0115      Field seeds, except oil seeds.
0119      Miscellaneous field crops.
01193         Leaf tobacco.
01195         Potatoes, other than sweet.
01197         Sugar beets.
012   Fresh Fruits and Tree Nuts.
0121      Citrus fruits.
0122      Deciduous fruits.
01221         Apples.
01224         Grapes.
01226         Peaches.
0123      Tropical fruits, except citrus.
01232         Bananas.
0129      Miscellaneous fresh fruits and tree nuts.
01295         Coffee, green.
013   Fresh Vegetables.
0131      Bulbs, roots, and tubers, with or without tops except potatoes.
01318         Onions, dry.
0133      Leafy fresh vegetables.
01334         Celery.
01335         Lettuce.
0134      Dry ripe vegetable seeds, etc. (except artifically dried).
01341         Beans, dry ripe.
01342         Peas, dry.
0139      Miscellaneous fresh vegetables:
01392         Watermelons.
01394         Tomatoes.
01398         Melons, except watermelons (cantaloupes, muskmelons, etc.).
014   Livestock and Livestock Products.
0141      Livestock.
01411         Cattle.
01413         Hogs and pigs.
01414         Sheep and lambs.
0142      Dairy farm products, except pasteurized.
0143      Animal fibers.
01431         Wool.
015   Poultry and Poultry Products.
0151      Live poultry.
0152      Poultry eggs.
019   Miscellaneous Farm Products.
0191      Horticultural specialities.
0192      Animal specialties.
08Forest Products
084   Gums and Barks, Crude.
08423         Latex and allied gums (crude natural rubber).
086   Miscellaneous Forest Products.
09Fresh Fish and Other Marine Products.
091   Fresh Fish and Other Marine Products.
0912      Fresh fish and whale products, including frozen unpackaged fish.
09131         Shells (oyster, crab, clam, etc.)
10Metallic Ores.
101   Iron Ores.
10112         Beneficiating-grade ore, crude.
102   Copper Ores.
103   Lead and Zinc Ores.
1031      Lead ores.
1032      Zinc ores.
104   Gold and Silver Ores.
105   Bauxite and Other Aluminum Ores.
106   Manganese Ores.
107   Tungsten Ores.
108   Chromium Ores.
109   Miscellaneous Metal Ores.
111   Anthracite Coal.
11111         Raw anthracite (lump).
11112         Cleaned or prepared anthracite (crushed, screened, or sized).
112   Bituminous Coal and Lignite.
1121      Bituminous coal.
13Crude Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Natural Gasoline.
131   Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas.
132   Natural Gasoline.
14Nonmetallic Minerals, Except Fuels.
141   Dimension Stone, quarry.
142   Crushed and Broken Stone, including riprap.
14211         Agricultural limestone.
14219         Crushed and broken stone, including riprap, n.e.c.
144   Sand and Gravel.
14411         Sand (aggregate and ballast).
14412         Gravel (aggregate and ballast).
14413         Industrial sand and gravel.
145   Clay, Ceramic and Refractory Minerals.
14511         Bentonite.
14512         Fire clay.
14514         Kaolin and ball clay.
147   Chemical and Fertilizer Minerals.
14711         Barite.
14713         Potash, soda and borate.
14714         Phosphate rock.
14715         Rock salt.
14716         Sulphur.
149   Miscellaneous Nonmetallic Minerals. Except Fuels.
14911         Gypsum and anhydrite.
14913         Native asphalt and bitumens.
14914         Pumice and pumicite.
19Ordinance and Accessories.
191   Guns, Howitzers, Mortars, and Related Equipment, Over 30 mm.
192   Ammunition, Except for Small Arms (over 30 mm.).
193   Full Tracked Combat Vehicles and Parts.
194   Sighting and Fire Control Equipment.
195   Small Arms, 30 mm. and Under.
196   Small Arms Ammunition, 30 mm. and Under.
199   Miscellaneous Ordnance and Accessories.
20Food and Kindred Products.
201   Meat (Including Poultry and Small Game): Fresh, Chilled, or Frozen.
2011      Meat, fresh or chilled, except salted.
2012      Meat, fresh-frozen.
2013      Meat products.
2014      Animal by-products, inedible.
20141         Hides, skins, and pelts, not tanned (cattle, pig, goat, sheep, mule, and horse).
2015      Dressed poultry, small game, and related products, fresh, chilled or canned.
2016      Dressed poultry, small game and related products, fresh-frozen.
202   Dairy Products.
2021      Creamery butter.
2023      Condensed, evaporated milk and dry milk.
2024      Ice cream and related frozen desserts.
2025      Cheese and other special dairy products.
2026      Processed whole milk, skim milk, cream and other fluid products.
203   Canned and Preserved Fruits, Vegetables and Sea Foods.
2031      Canned and cured sea foods.
2032      Canned specialties.
2033      Canned fruits and vegetables.
2034      Dried and dehydrated fruits and vegetables (except field dried) and soup mix.
2035      Pickled fruits and vegetables; sauces and seasoning; salad dressing.
2036      Fresh or frozen packaged fish.
2037      Frozen fruits, fruit juices, vegetables and specialties.
204   Grain Mill Products.
2041      Flour and other grain mill products.
20411         Wheat flour, except blended and prepared.
20421         Prepared feeds for animals and fowls, except canned.
20423         Canned feed for animals and poultry.
2043      Cereal preparations.
2044      Milled rice, flour and meal.
2045      Blended and prepared flour.
2046      Corn starch, sirup, oil, sugar and by-products (wet process).
20461         Corn sirup.
20462         Corn starch.
20463         Corn sugar.
205   Bakery Products.
206   Sugar (beet and cane).
2061      Sugar mill products and by-products.
20611         Raw cane and beet sugar.
20616         Sugar molasses, except blackstrap.
20617         Blackstrap molasses.
2062      Sugar, refined: Cane and beet.
20625         Sugar refining by-products.
20626         Pulp, molasses, beet.
207   Confectionery and related products.
208   Beverages and flavoring extracts.
20821         Beer, ale, porter, stout: Bottled, barrels, kegs.
20823         Malt extract and brewers's spent grains.
2083      Malt.
2084      Wines, brandy, and brandy spirits.
20851         Distilled, rectified and blended liquors.
20859         By-products of liquor distilling.
2086      Bottled and canned soft drinks and carbonated and mineral waters.
2087      Miscellaneous flavoring extracts and flavoring sirups and compounds except chocolate syrups.
209   Miscellaneous Food Preparations and Kindred Products.
20911         Cottonseed oil, crude or refined.
20914         Cottonseed cake, meal and other by-products.
20921         Soybean oil, crude or refined.
20923         Soybean cake, meal, flour, grits, and other by-products.
2093      Vegetable and nut oils and by-products, except cottonseed and soybean.
2094      Marine fats and oils.
2095      Roasted coffee, including instant coffee.
2096      Shortening, table oils, margarine and other edible fats and oils, n.e.c.
2097      Ice, natural or manufactured.
2098      Macaroni, spaghetti, vermicelli, and noodles.
21Tobacco Products:
211   Cigarettes.
212   Cigars.
213   Chewing and Smoking Tobacco and Snuff.
214   Stemmed and Redried Tobacco.
22Basic Textiles:
221   Cotton Broad Woven Fabrics.
222   Man-made Fiber and Silk Broad Woven Fabrics.
223   Wool Broad Woven Fabrics.
224   Narrow Fabrics.
225   Knit Fabrics.
227   Carpets and Rugs, Textile.
228   Yarn and Thread.
229   Miscellaneous Basic Textiles.
2296      Tire cord and fabrics.
2297      Wool and mohair (scoured, combed, carbonized): Tops, noils, nubs, slubs and grease.
2298      Cordage and twine.
23Apparel and Other Finished Textile Products Including Knit.
231   Men's, Youths', and Boys' Clothing.
233   Women's, Misses', Girls', and Infants' Clothing.
235   Millinery, Hats and Caps.
237   Fur Goods.
238   Miscellaneous Apparel and Accessories.
239   Miscellaneous Fabricated Textile Products.
24Lumber and Wood Products, Except Furniture.
241   Primary Forest Products (Pulpwood, Piling, Posts, Logs, Bolts, etc.).
24114         Pulpwood logs.
24115         Pulpwood chips.
24116         Woodposts, poles and piling.
242   Lumber and Dimension Stock:
2421      Lumber and dimension stock:
24212         Sawed ties (railroads, mine, etc.).
2429      Miscellaneous sawmill and planing mill products (shingles, cooperage stock, etc.).
243   Millwork, Veneer, Plywood, Prefabricated Structural Wood Products.
2431      Millwood.
2432      Veneer and plywood.
244   Wooden Containers.
249   Miscellaneous Wood Products.
2491      Creosoted or oil treated wood products.
25Furniture and Fixtures
251   Household and Office Furniture.
253   Public Building and Related Furniture.
254   Partitions, Shelving, Lockers, Office, and Store Fixtures.
259   Miscellaneous Furniture and Fixtures.
26Pulp, Paper and Allied Products
261   Pulp and pulp mill products.
26111         Pulp.
262   Paper, except building paper.
26211         Newsprint.
26216         Coarse paper, including wrapping paper.
263   Paperboard, pulpboard and fiberboard, except insulating board.
264   Converted paper and paperboard products, except containers and boxes.
2643      Paper bags.
265   Containers and boxes, paperboard, fiberboard and pulpboard.
266   Building paper and building board.
2661      Building paper and building board.
26613         Wallboard.
27Printed Matter.
271   Newspapers.
272   Periodicals.
273   Books.
274   Miscellaneous Printed Matter.
276   Manifold Business Forms.
277   Greeting Cards, Seals, Labels, And Tags.
278   Blankbooks, Looseleaf Binders and Devices.
279   Products of Service Industries for the Printing Trades.
28Chemical and Allied Products
281   Industrial Inorganic and Organic Chemicals.
2812      Sodium, potassium, and other basic inorganic chemical compounds and chlorine.
28123         Sodium compounds, except sodium alkalies.
2813      Industrial gases (compressed and liquefied).
2814      Crude products from coal tar, petroleum and natural gas.
2816      Inorganic pigments.
2818      Miscellaneous industrial organic chemicals.
28184         Alcohols.
2819      Miscellaneous industrial inorganic chemicals.
28193         Sulphuric acid.
282   Plastics Materials and Synthetic Resins, Synthetic Rubbers and Fibers.
28212         Synthetic rubber.
28213         Synthetic organic fibers.
283   Drugs (Biological Products, Medicinal Chemicals, Botanical Products and Pharmaceutical Preparations).
284   Soap, Detergents, and Cleaning Preparations, Perfumes, Cosmetics and Other Toilet Preparations.
2841      Soap and other detergents, except specialty cleansers.
285   Paints, Varnishes, Lacquers, Enamels, and Allied Products.
286   Gum and Wood Chemicals.
287   Agricultural Chemicals.
2871      Fertilizers.
289   Miscellaneous Chemical Products.
2892      Explosives.
28991         Salt.
29Petroleum and Coal Products.
291   Products of Petroleum Refining.
29111         Gasoline, jet fuels and other high volatile petroleum fuels, except natural gasoline.
29112         Kerosene.
29113         Distillate fuel oil.
29114         Lubricating and similar oils and derivatives.
29115         Lubricating greases.
29116         Asphalt, tar and pitches (petroleum, cokeoven, coal tar).
29117         Residual fuel oil and other low volatile petroleum fuels.
29119         Products of petroleum refining, n.e.c.
2912      Liquefied petroleum gases and coal gases.
295   Paving and Roofing Materials.
2951      Paving mixtures and blocks.
2952      Asphalt felt and coatings.
299   Miscellaneous Petroleum and Coal Products.
29911         Coke and coal briquettes.
30Rubber and Miscellaneous Plastic Products.
301   Tires and Inner Tubes.
302   Rubber Footwear.
303   Reclaimed Rubber.
306   Miscellaneous Fabricated Rubber Products.
307   Miscellaneous Plastics Products.
31Leather and Leather Products.
311   Leather.
312   Industrial Leather Belting and Packing.
313   Boot and Shoe Cut Stock and Findings, All Materials.
314   Footwear, Except Rubber.
315   Leather Gloves and Mittens.
316   Luggage, Handbags, and Other Personal Leather Goods (all materials).
319   Miscellaneous Leather Goods.
32Stone, Clay and Glass Products.
321   Flat Glass.
322   Glass and Glassware, Pressed and Blown.
3221      Glass containers.
324   Hydraulic Cement.
32411         Cement, hydraulic; Portland, natural, masonry, puzzolan.
325   Structural Clay Products.
3251      Brick and structural clay tile.
32511         Brick, except ceramic glazed and refractory brick.
3253      Ceramic wall and floor tile.
3255      Refractories, clay and nonclay.
3259      Miscellaneous structural clay products.
32594         Roofing tile.
326   Pottery and Related Products.
327   Concrete, Gypsum, and Plaster Products.
3271      Concrete products.
3274      Lime.
3275      Gypsum products.
328   Cut Stone and Stone Products.
329   Abrasives, Asbestos, and Miscellaneous Nonmetallic Mineral Products.
3291      Abrasive products.
33Primary Metal Products.
331   Steel Works and Rolling Mill Products.
33111         Pig iron.
33112         Slag.
33113         Coke, screenings and breeze.
33119         Coke oven and blast furnace products, n.e.c.
3312      Primary iron and steel products, except coke oven by-products.
33121         Steel ingot and semi-finished shapes.
3313      Ferro-alloys.
3315      Steel wire, nails, and spikes.
332   Iron and Steel Castings.
33211         Iron and steel cast pipe and fittings.
333   Nonferrous Metals Primary Smelter Products (Slab, Ingot, Pig, etc., and Residues).
3331      Primary copper and copper base alloys smelter products.
3332      Primary lead and lead base alloys smelter products.
3333      Primary zinc and zinc base alloys smelter products.
3334      Primary aluminum and aluminum base alloys smelter products.
335   Nonferrous Metal Basic Shapes.
3351      Copper, brass or bronze and other copper base alloy basic shapes.
3352      Aluminum and aluminum base alloy basic shapes except aluminum foil.
3357      Nonferrous wire, including insulated wire.
336   Nonferrous and Nonferrous Base Alloy Castings.
3361      Aluminum and aluminum base alloy castings.
2262      Brass, bronze, copper, and copper base alloy castings.
339   Miscellaneous Primary Metal Products.
3391      Iron and steel forgings.
3392      Nonferrous forgings.
34Fabricated Metal Products, Except Ordnance, Machinery, and Transportation Equipment.
341   Metal Cans.
342   Cutlery, Hand Tools, and General Hardware.
343   Plumbing Fixtures and Heating Apparatus, Except Electric.
3433      Heating equipment, except electric.
344   Fabricated structural metal products.
3441      Fabricated structural metal products.
345   Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Rivets, Washers, and Other Industrial Fasteners.
346   Metal Stampings.
348   Miscellaneous Fabricated Wire Products.
349   Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Products.
3491      Metal barrels, drums, kegs, and pails.
3494      Valves and pipe fittings (except plumbers' brass goods and fittings), fabricated pipe and fabricated pipe fittings.
35Machinery, Except Electrical.
351   Engines and Turbines.
352   Farm Machinery and Equipment.
353   Construction, Mining and Materials Handling Equipment.
3531      Construction machinery and equipment.
3532      Mining machinery and equipment, except oil field machinery and equipment.
3533      Oil field machinery and equipment.
3537      Industrial trucks, tractors, trailers, and stackers.
354   Metalworking Machinery and Equipment.
355   Special Industry Machinery, Except Metalworking Machinery.
356   General Industrial Machinery and Equipment.
357   Office, Computing, and Accounting Machines.
358   Service Industry Machines.
359   Miscellaneous Machinery and Parts, Except Electrical.
36Electrical Machinery, Equipment and Supplies.
361   Electrical Transmission and Distribution Equipment.
362   Electrical Industrial Apparatus.
363   Household Appliances.
3631      Household cooking equipment, all types.
3632      Household refrigerators and home and farm freezers.
3633      Household laundry equipment.
364   Electric Lighting and Wiring Equipment.
365   Radio and TV Receiving Sets, Except Communication Types.
366   Communication Equipment.
367   Electronic Components and Accessories.
369   Miscellaneous Electrical Machinery, Equipment, and Supplies.
37Transportation Equipment.
371   Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Equipment.
3711      Motor vehicles.
37111         Passenger cars, assembled.
37112         Truck tractors, and trucks, assembled.
37113         Motor coaches, assembled (including trolley busses) and fire department vehicles.
3712      Passenger car bodies and body parts.
3713      Truck and bus bodies and body parts.
3714      Motor vehicle parts and accessories.
3715      Truck trailers.
372   Aircraft and Parts.
373   Ships and Boats.
374   Railroad Equipment.
375   Motorcycles, Bicycles, and Parts.
379   Miscellaneous Transportation Equipment.
38Instruments, Photographic and Optical Goods, Watches and Clocks.
381   Engineering, Laboratory, and Scientific Instruments.
382   Measuring, Controlling, and Indicating Instruments.
383   Optical Instruments and Lenses.
384   Surgical, Medical, and Dental Instruments and Supplies.
385   Ophthalmic or Opticians' Goods.
386   Photographic Equipment and Supplies.
387   Watches, Clocks, Clockwork Operated Devices, and Parts.
39Miscellaneous Products of Manufacturing.
391   Jewelry, Silverware, and Plated Ware.
393   Musical Instruments and Parts.
394   Toys, Amusement, Sporting and Athletic Goods.
3949      Sporting and athletic goods.
395   Pens, Pencils, and Other Office and Artists' Materials.
396   Costume Jewelry, Novelties, Buttons, and Notions.
398   Miscellaneous Manufactured Products—A.
399   Miscellaneous Manufactured Products—B.
40Waste and Scrap Materials.
401   Ashes.
402   Waste and Scrap, Except Ashes.
4021      Metal scrap, waste and tailings.
40211         Iron and steel scrap, wastes and tailings.
4022      Textile waste, scrap and sweepings.
4024      Paper waste and scrap.
4026      Rubber and plastic scrap and waste.
41Misc. Freight Shipments.
411   Misc. Freight Shipments.
41111         Outfits or kits.
41114         Articles, used except for repair, reconditioning (41115), returned empty (421), remelting 4021).
41115         Articles, used, returned for repair, incl. for reconditioning.
412         Miscellaneous Commodities Not Taken in Regular Freight Service.
42Containers, Shipping, Returned Empty.
421   Containers, Shipping, Returned Empty Inc. Carriers or Devices.
422   Trailers, Semi-Trailers, Returned Empty.
44Freight Forwarder Traffic.
441   Freight Forwarder Traffic, Carload or Truckload.
45Shipper Association or Similar Traffic.
451   Shipper Association or Similar Traffic, Carload or Truckload.
46Miscellaneous Mixed Shipments Exc. Forwarder See 44 Shipper Association See 45.
461   All Freight Rate Shipments, N.E.C., Inc. TOFC.
462   Mixed Shipments on One Factor Rates Cnstg. of Commodities Representing Two or More Major Industry Groups Where it is Impossible to Determine the Predominant Industry.
47Small Packaged Freight Shipments.
471   Small Packaged Freight Shipments, Including LCL or LTL.

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