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Title 49 Part 650 → Subpart A → §650.5

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Title 49Subtitle BChapter VIPart 650Subpart A → §650.5

Title 49: Transportation
Subpart A—General Provisions

§650.5   Definitions.

All terms defined in 49 U.S.C. chapter 53 are applicable to this part. The following definitions also apply to this part:

Administrator means the Administrator of the Federal Transit Administration.

Application means the formal documentation of an applicant's request to modify FTA requirements for an eligible project.

Eligible project means any surface transportation capital project that is subject to 49 U.S.C. chapter 53, included in the statewide long-range transportation plan or the metropolitan transportation plan, as those terms are defined in 23 CFR part 450, and that will be implemented as a public-private partnership, a joint development, or with other private sector investment.

FTA means the Federal Transit Administration.

FTA requirements means, for purposes of this part, existing FTA regulations and mandatory provisions of practices, procedures or guidance documents, including circulars.

Joint development has the meaning ascribed to it in FTA Circular 7050.1 “Federal Transit Administration Guidance on Joint Development” and, for purposes of this part, includes private sector contributions, whether in the form of cash investment, capital construction contributed at the private sector's cost or other contribution determined by the Administrator to qualify.

Other private sector investment means a financial or capital contribution to an eligible project from a private sector investor that is not provided through a public-private partnership or joint development.

Private investment project procedures means the procedures by which applicants may propose, and the Administrator may agree, subject to the requirements of this part, to modify or waive existing FTA requirements for an eligible project.

Private sector investor means the private sector entity that proposes to contribute funding to an eligible project.

Public-private partnership (P3) means a contractual agreement formed between a public agency and a private sector entity that is characterized by private sector investment and risk-sharing in the delivery, financing and operation of a project.

Recipient means an entity that proposes to receive Federal financial assistance for an eligible project under 49 U.S.C. chapter 53, RRIF, TIFIA or other Federal financial assistance program.