Title 49

SECTION 604.34

604.34 Chief Counsel decisions and appointment of a PO.

§ 604.34 Chief Counsel decisions and appointment of a PO.

(a) After receiving a complaint consistent with § 604.27, and conducting an investigation, the Chief Counsel may:

(1) Issue a decision based on the pleadings filed to date;

(2) Appoint a PO to review the matter; or

(3) Dismiss the complaint pursuant to § 604.28.

(b) If the Chief Counsel appoints a PO to review the matter, the Chief Counsel shall send out a hearing order that sets forth the following:

(1) The allegations in the complaint, or notice of investigation, and the chronology and results of the investigation preliminary to the hearing;

(2) The relevant statutory, judicial, regulatory, and other authorities;

(3) The issues to be decided;

(4) Such rules of procedure as may be necessary to supplement the provisions of this Part;

(5) The name and address of the PO, and the assignment of authority to the PO to conduct the hearing in accordance with the procedures set forth in this Part; and

(6) The date by which the PO is directed to issue a recommended decision.