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Title 49 → Subtitle B → Chapter VI → Part 602 → §602.13

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Title 49 Part 602 → §602.13

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Title 49Subtitle BChapter VIPart 602 → §602.13

Title 49: Transportation

§602.13   Eligible activities.

(a) An affected recipient may apply for emergency relief funds on behalf of itself as well as affected subrecipients.

(b) Eligible uses of Emergency Relief funds include:

(1) Emergency operations;

(2) Emergency protective measures;

(3) Emergency repairs;

(4) Permanent repairs;

(5) Actual engineering and construction costs on approved projects;

(6) Repair or replacement of spare parts that are the property of an affected recipient or subrecipient and held in the normal course of business that are damaged or destroyed; and

(7) Resilience projects.

(c) Ineligible uses of Emergency Relief funds include:

(1) Heavy maintenance;

(2) Project costs for which the recipient has received funding from another Federal agency;

(3) Project costs for which the recipient has received funding through payments from insurance policies;

(4) Except for resilience projects that have been approved in advance, projects that change the function of the original infrastructure;

(5) Projects for which funds were obligated in an FTA grant prior to the declared emergency or major disaster;

(6) Reimbursements for lost revenue due to service disruptions caused by an emergency or major disaster;

(7) Project costs associated with the replacement or replenishment of damaged or lost material that are not the property of the affected recipient and not incorporated into a public transportation system such as stockpiled materials or items awaiting installation; and

(8) Other project costs FTA determines are not appropriate for the Emergency Relief Program.

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