Title 49

SECTION 238.223

238.223 Locomotive fuel tanks.

§ 238.223 Locomotive fuel tanks.

Locomotive fuel tanks shall comply with either the following or an industry standard providing at least an equivalent level of safety if approved by FRA under § 238.21:

(a) External fuel tanks. External locomotive fuel tanks shall comply with the requirements contained in Appendix D to this part.

(b) Internal fuel tanks. (1) Internal locomotive fuel tanks shall be positioned in a manner to reduce the likelihood of accidental penetration from roadway debris or collision.

(2) Internal fuel tank vent systems shall be designed so they do not become a path of fuel loss in any tank orientation due to a locomotive overturning.

(3) Internal fuel tank bulkheads and skin shall, at a minimum, be equivalent to a 5/16-inch thick steel plate with a yield strength of 25,000 pounds per square inch. Material of a higher yield strength may be used to decrease the required thickness of the material provided at least an equivalent level of strength is maintained. Skid plates are not required.

[67 FR 19991, Apr. 23, 2002]