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Title 49 Part 225 → §225.17

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Title 49Subtitle BChapter IIPart 225 → §225.17

Title 49: Transportation

§225.17   Doubtful cases; alcohol or drug involvement.

(a) The reporting officer of a railroad will ordinarily determine the reportability or nonreportability of an accident/incident after examining all evidence available. The FRA, however, cannot delegate authority to decide matters of judgment when facts are in dispute. In all such cases the decision shall be that of the FRA.

(b) Even though there may be no witness to an accident/incident, if there is evidence indicating that a reportable accident/incident may have occurred, a report of that accident/incident must be made.

(c) All accidents/incidents reported as “claimed but not admitted by the railroad” are given special examination by the FRA, and further inquiry may be ordered. Accidents/incidents accepted as reportable are tabulated and included in the various statistical statements issued by the FRA. The denial of any knowledge or refusal to admit responsibility by the railroad does not exclude those accidents/incidents from monthly and annual figures. Facts stated by a railroad that tend to refute the claim of an injured person are given consideration, and when the facts seem sufficient to support the railroad's position, the case is not allocated to the reporting railroad.

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