Title 49 Part 219 → Subpart K → §219.1007

Title 49 → Subtitle B → Chapter II → Part 219 → Subpart K → §219.1007

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Title 49 Part 219 → Subpart K → §219.1007

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Title 49Subtitle BChapter IIPart 219Subpart K → §219.1007

Title 49: Transportation
Subpart K—Referral Programs

§219.1007   Alternate programs.

(a) Instead of the referral programs required under §219.1001, a railroad is permitted to develop, publish, and implement alternate programs that meet the standards established in §219.1001. Such programs must have the written concurrence of the recognized representatives of the regulated employees. Nothing in this subpart restricts a railroad or labor organization from adopting, publishing, and implementing programs that afford more favorable conditions to regulated employees troubled by drug or alcohol abuse problems, consistent with a railroad's responsibility to prevent violations of §§219.101, 219.102, and 219.103.

(b) The concurrence of the recognized representatives of the regulated employees in an alternate program may be evidenced by a collective bargaining agreement or any other document describing the class or craft of employees to which the alternate program applies. The agreement or other document must make express reference to this subpart and to the intention of the railroad and employee representatives that the alternate program applies instead of the program required by this subpart.

(c) The railroad must file the agreement or other document described in paragraph (b) of this section along with the requested alternate program it submits for approval with the FRA Drug and Alcohol Program Manager. FRA will base its approval on whether the alternative program meets the §219.1001 objectives. The alternative program does not have to include each §219.1001 component, but must meet the general standards and intent of §219.1001. If a railroad amends or revokes an approved alternate policy, the railroad must file a notice with FRA of such amendment or revocation at least 30 days before the effective date of such action.

(d) This section does not excuse a railroad from adopting, publishing, and implementing the programs §219.1001 requires for any group of regulated employees not falling within the coverage of an appropriate, approved alternate program.

(e) Consistent with §219.105(c), FRA has the authority to inspect the aggregate data of any railroad alcohol and/or drug use education, prevention, identification, and rehabilitation program or policy, including alternate peer support programs, to ensure that they are not designed or implemented in such a way that they circumvent or otherwise undermine Federal requirements, including the requirements in this part regarding peer support programs.