Title 49

SECTION 219.1005

219.1005 Optional provisions.

§ 219.1005 Optional provisions.

A railroad's referral program may include any of the following provisions at the option of the railroad and with the approval of the labor organization(s) affected:

(a) The program may provide that the rule of confidentiality is waived if:

(1) The regulated employee at any time refuses to cooperate in a DAC's recommended course of education, counseling, or treatment; or

(2) The railroad determines, after investigation, that the regulated employee has been involved in a drug- or alcohol-related disciplinary offense growing out of subsequent conduct.

(b) The program may require successful completion of a return-to-service medical examination as a further condition of reinstatement in regulated service.

(c) The program may provide that it does not apply to a regulated employee whom the railroad has previously assisted under a program substantially consistent with this section.

(d) The program may provide that, in order to invoke its benefits, the regulated employee must report to the railroad's designated contact either:

(1) During non-duty hours (i.e., at a time when the regulated employee is off duty); or

(2) While unimpaired and otherwise in compliance with the railroad's drug and alcohol rules consistent with this subpart.