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Title 49 Part 200 → §200.5

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Title 49Subtitle BChapter IIPart 200 → §200.5

Title 49: Transportation

§200.5   Applications.

(a) Each application and objection under this part shall be submitted in writing to: Docket Clerk, Office of the Chief Counsel, Federal Railroad Administration, 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE., Washington, DC 20590.

(b) Any procedural issues arising from the submission or consideration of applications under this part, such as timeliness and adequacy, shall be heard and decided by the Administration's panel established under §200.9.

(c) Any railroad adversely affected by the preference requirement of subsection 402(e) of the Act may apply to the Administrator for an order altering that requirement. Each application shall:

(1) List by endpoints the routes that are so affected; and

(2) Explain for every route listed how the preference requirement of subsection 402(e) will materially lessen the quality of freight service afforded by the applicant to its shippers, including information, data or documents sufficient to support that explanation; and

(3) Include an analysis of whether and by how much Amtrak's compensation to the railroad should be reduced if the preference requirement is altered.

(d) In accordance with section 406 of the Act, any railroad may apply to the Administrator for approval to downgrade or dispose of its facilities. Each application shall:

(1) List the facilities for proposed downgrading or disposal;

(2) Describe and give the location of each such facility and identify the most recent passenger service that made use of such facilities; and

(3) Contain for each facility an analysis of the costs the railroad could avoid if it were not required to maintain or retain the facility in the condition requested by Amtrak, including information, data and documents sufficient to support the analysis.

(e) In addition to the data provided with their applications, applicants shall furnish the Administrator with any other information that the Administrator finds necessary in order to make the determinations required by the Act.

(f) Each applicant shall promptly notify, by registered or certified mail, any party affected by any application, whether Amtrak or a railroad, of the submission of such application under this part, and shall provide a copy of the application with such notice. An official United States Postal Service receipt from the registered or certified mailing constitutes prima facie evidence of notice.

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