Title 48

SECTION 2416.505

2416.505 Ordering.

2416.505 Ordering.

(a) The contracting officer shall be the ordering official for all task orders except as provided for herein. The contracting officer may designate an ordering official when orders are to be placed on a firm fixed-price basis, the prices of the specific services or supplies to be provided under the order are set forth in the contract, and there is no negotiation of order terms. The contracting officer shall not designate ordering officials:

(1) For contracts for services where prices are not tied to delivery of a completed service;

(2) For any contracts where discounts need to be negotiated; or

(3) In any other circumstances where adjustment of contract price or any other terms and conditions is necessary.

(b)(6) The Departmental competition advocate also serves as the Departmental task and delivery order ombudsman in accordance with FAR 16.505(b)(6). In addition to the duties set forth at FAR 16.505(b)(6), the ombudsman shall recommend any corrective action regarding affording fair opportunity to contractors to compete for orders to the responsible contracting officer.

[77 FR 73527, Dec. 10, 2012]