Title 47

SECTION 95.787

95.787 RCRS additional requirements.

§ 95.787 RCRS additional requirements.

Each RCRS transmitter type must be designed to satisfy all of the following additional requirements:

(a) The antenna of an RCRS station transmitting in the 72 and/or 75 MHz frequency bands must meet the following requirements:

(1) The antenna must be an integral part of the transmitter;

(2) The gain of the antenna must not exceed that of a half-wave dipole; and

(3) The antenna must be designed such that the electric field of the emitted radio waves is vertically polarized when the transmitter is held in the normal orientation.

(b) Each RCRS transmitter type must be designed to transmit only on one or more of the channels listed in § 95.763.

(c) For RCRS transmitter types incorporating plug-in frequency-determining modules that are intended to be changed by the operator, the modules must be submitted for certification together with the transmitter type. Each module must contain all of the frequency determining circuitry including the oscillator. Plug-in crystals are not considered modules and must not be accessible to the user.