Title 47

SECTION 95.725

95.725 Interference, RCRS.

§ 95.725 Interference, RCRS.

RCRS operations must not cause interference to, and must accept interference from, certain other radio service operations, as follows:

(a) RCRS stations must not cause interference to:

(1) Authorized radio operations in the 72-76 MHz band, including radio remote control of industrial equipment on the same or adjacent channels; or,

(2) Broadcast television reception on TV Channels 4 or 5.

(b) RCRS operations are not afforded protection from interference caused by the operation of:

(1) Industrial, scientific or medical devices (see part 18 of this chapter) operating in the 26-28 MHz band; and,

(2) Fixed and mobile stations in other services operating on the same or adjacent channels.