Title 47

SECTION 95.2363

95.2363 WMTS frequency bands and channels.

§ 95.2363 WMTS frequency bands and channels.

The channels listed in this section are allotted for shared use in the WMTS and channels will not be assigned for exclusive use of any entity.

(a) WMTS transmitter types must operate in one or more of these frequency bands:

(1) 608-614 MHz (co-primary);

(2) 1395-1400 MHz (co-primary); or,

(3) 1427-1429.5 MHz (co-primary) and 1429.5-1432 MHz (secondary), except at the locations listed in § 90.259(b)(4) of this chapter where WMTS transmitters may operate in the 1429-1431.5 MHz frequency band on a primary basis and in the 1427-1429 MHz and 1431.5-1432 MHz bands on a secondary basis. See note US350 to the Table of Frequency Allocations in § 2.106 of this chapter for additional details.

(b) WMTS transmitter types utilizing broadband technologies (such as spread spectrum modulation) in the 608-614 MHz frequency band must be capable of using one or more of the following 1.5 MHz bandwidth channels (a maximum of 6 MHz bandwidth). Such transmitter types must be designed to use the minimum number of channels necessary to avoid harmful interference to other WMTS devices.

(1) 608.0-609.5 MHz (2) 609.5-611.0 MHz (3) 611.0-612.5 MHz (4) 612.5-614.0 MHz

(c) In the 1395-1400 MHz and 1427-1432 MHz bands, no specific channels are specified. Wireless medical telemetry devices may operate on any channel within the bands authorized for wireless medical telemetry use in this part.