Title 47

SECTION 95.2333

95.2333 Prohibited WMTS uses.

§ 95.2333 Prohibited WMTS uses.

Operators of WMTS transmitters must not use them for any purpose not set forth in § 95.2331 or in a manner prohibited in this section.

(a) WMTS transmitters must not be operated in moving vehicles, such as ambulances, even if the vehicles are associated with a health care facility.

(b) The operation of a wireless medical telemetry transmitter under this part is authorized anywhere within a health care facility provided the facility is located anywhere Personal Radio Service station operation is permitted under §§ 95.307 and 95.309. Operation in any other area outside of such health care facilities is prohibited.

(c) WMTS transmitters must not be used to transmit voice or video communications. Medical waveforms, such as electrocardiograms, are not considered to be video for the purpose of this section.