Title 47

SECTION 95.1959

95.1959 Antennas.

§ 95.1959 Antennas.

(a) The overall height from ground to topmost tip of the CTS antenna shall not exceed the height necessary to assure adequate service. Certain CTS antennas must be individually licensed to the 218-219 MHz System licensee (see § 95.1911(b) of this part). CTS antennas must also meet the requirements in § 95.317 regarding menaces to air navigation. See 47 CFR 95.317 and consult part 17 of the FCC's Rules for more information (47 CFR part 17).

(b) [Reserved]

(c) The RTU may be connected to an external antenna not more than 6.1 m (20 feet) above ground or above an existing man-made structure (other than an antenna structure). Connectors that are used to connect RTUs to an external antenna shall not be of the types generally known as “F-type” or “BNC type.” Use of an external antenna is subject to § 95.1961.