Title 47

SECTION 90.771

90.771 Field strength limits.

§ 90.771 Field strength limits.

(a) The transmissions from base stations, or fixed stations transmitting on base station transmit frequencies, of EA and Regional licensees may not exceed a predicted 38 dBu field strength at their EA or REAG border. The predicted 38 dBu field strength is calculated using the F(50,50) field strength chart for Channels 7-13 in § 73.699 (Fig. 10) of this chapter, with a 9 dB correction factor for antenna height differential.

(b) Licensees will be permitted to exceed the predicted 38 dBu field strength required in paragraph (a) of this section if all affected, co-channel EA and Regional licensees agree to the higher field strength.

(c) EA and Regional licensees must coordinate to minimize interference at or near their EA and REAG borders, and must cooperate to resolve any instances of interference in accordance with the provisions of § 90.173(b).